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JDM Imports to Calgary, Edmonton, Lethbridge, Red Deer and delivery service Canada wide.




Canadian import owners working together on the issue of imported vehicle safety and legality in Canada. 

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Import To Order and the Zen Import Process...


Zen Autoworks does not take your import lightly .....

Zen Autoworks has been working closely with our Japan buyer for over 5 years. As we have extremely high 
standards for the vehicles we import, we simply will not purchased from just anyone in Japan. A working
and proven long term relationship with our buyer allows us to confidently assure you of quality and a "no
surprise" import process. Our strong Japan/Canada relationship becomes part of your import contract and works for you 
both before and after your vehicle has been imported into Canada.

Many importers in Canada will put emphasis on the fact that they WILL find what you are looking for. Yes,
it is not hard to find and purchase just about any specific vehicle to fill an order, but finding a proper accident
free, clean, original 15 year old vehicle is not a simple task even for the more common makes and models.

Your vehicle is fully insured from point of sale to your location. Insurance including total loss, damage
AND theft is included. This is not cheap insurance but for a trip of this duration and distance, we feel it is necessary.

Your vehicle is professionally loaded by specialists and secured inside a container in Japan. Having specialists
load the containers is more expensive than having your broker do it themselves but vehicles are loaded
and secured properly making the unloading process in Canada much safer to the condition of your

The above photos are of actual Zen purchased units loaded to containers in Japan.

Notice the steel beams used for support. Short-cuts are not taken when the condition and safe transportation
of Zen supplied vehicles are at stake. 

Container shipping means no yard crews drive your vehicle at the ports and essentially eliminates vandalism / theft 
occurrence. We can ship anywhere in Canada and use semi enclosed truck transport where practical. Rail transport 
is not recommended. Rail yard crews tend to be of younger age and supervision is not always maintained. Many vehicles 
our customers order are extremely unique and we take pride in minimizing the potential for mechanical or cosmetic damage.

Please CONTACT US. We are happy to chat more about our safer import process!!


Zen Autoworks will source, import and deliver the vehicle of your desire .....

All you have to do is send us an email stating your requirements to info@zenautoworks.ca

For Example:

1994 Toyota Land Cruiser HDJ81 VX Limited, Auto, Grey or Tan, Under 70,000KM, Front Bush
Guard is a plus, Must have sunroof and heated seats.

(In your inquiry, please include your name, phone number and location.)

Once we receive your request, we will contact you with a budget and discuss your personalized import in more detail. 

You may decide to go ahead with your order at this time and we will require a deposit of $1000 CAN which is 
refundable if a suitable vehicle is not found and purchased within 60 days of receiving your deposit.

Once a vehicle is purchased on your behalf, you will be advised with detailed photos and required to bring your $1000
deposit up to CIF Vancouver value of your import. We strive to have your vehicle landed in Canada in approximately 30 days.

We work with you on compliance to provincial safety standards. If your vehicle is destined for Calgary or made available
in Calgary, we will complete all compliance work on your behalf. We have many happy customers throughout Canada whom
we have helped get registered. 

Parts support is provided for all Zen Autoworks customers through special order. Just drop us a quick note
and we will probably even have your VIN and model number handy!


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