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JDM Imports to Calgary, Edmonton, Lethbridge, Red Deer and delivery service Canada wide.




Canadian import owners working together on the issue of imported vehicle safety and legality in Canada. 

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A bit about us....

True auto enthusiasts, Zen Autoworks is managed by a father and son team in Calgary, Alberta.
Being disappointed in the quality and selection of an affordable project car in the local market in
2004, we searched and searched other markets .... finally we landed a 1988 Toyota GT4 Turbo
AWD from Switzerland no less. This was our first import and we have learned a lot since then 
about locating, purchasing, importing, and complying vehicles from abroad.

Our goal with Zen Autoworks is to enjoy our hobby with others and hopefully help you find that gem
you have always dreamed of. We concentrate on Japan's used vehicle market as it is quite possibly
the best source for rare and exceptional condition vehicles in the world.

We are happy to chat with you or meet up over coffee. Please drop us a line.....

Contact Information

Zen Autoworks Canada

Sean Baertsch
Owner Operator
Calgary, Alberta

By Phone:
       1 (403) 618.3506

By Email:

Japanese Imported and Domestic Parts

We can source parts for any vehicle .... OEM, Aftermarket or Performance

Please contact us with your inquiry!

By Email:


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